Do we sell pets?

Unfortunately, no. However we do sell anything your pet needs or wants!

What kind of food should I feed my pet?

Feed the best food you can! There are many things to consider when feeding your pet; price point, ingredients, palatability and maybe more. It’s up to you what to feed your dog IF there aren’t any medical ailments or allergies involved!

How can I treat/help my pet’s allergies?

Whether you are looking for a diet switch or a supplement, we have what you need. We have foods that are grain or potato free. Also novel proteins such kangaroo and even squid! As far as supplements go we carry several kinds of fish oil and skin treatments for dry or itchy skin.

What should I do if my cat has hairballs?

Add fiber to your feline friend’s diet, you can do this through switching foods or giving them a natural remedy or supplement.

What is the best way to treat anxiety in pets?

There are many ways to help your furry pal calm down. We carry soft chews with melatonin and chamomile, and Colorado’s finest CBD pet products. If you’d prefer not to have your pet take something you can always come in and checkout Thunderworks patented Thunder Shirt, or try leaving a shirt or any clothing that smells like you with them, it’ll help remind them that you ARE coming back.

Do you carry any indestructible toys?

We always tell people that there is no such thing as an “indestructible” toy. We certainly have some very durable toys but nothing “indestructible”.

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